If you love a good cocktail but aren’t too keen on the hefty price tag, Lambrini has got the perfect solution – fabulous cocktails, all of which can be made at home.

And whether a real fruity treat or a sweet refreshing tipple is preferred, Lambrini Original or the Lambrini Flavours range can help provide the perfect base to any summer cocktail.

Lambrijito – Three measures of Lambrini Original, two measures of soda water, two teaspoons brown sugar, crushed mint leafs leaves, and a good squeeze of lime. All shaken to perfection and served over ice.


Lambatini – Two measures of Lambrini Original, one measure of pineapple juice, one measure of raspberry liquor and a squeeze of lemon juice. Shaken or stirred with plenty of ice.


Lambrini Sunrise – Three measures of Lambrini Original, one measure of orange juice, half a measure of grenadine poured in a tall glass with ice.




Why not try the below for a guaranteed party all in one pitcher filled with ice:

Lambrini Sparkle Punch – Five shots of Lambrini Cherry, Lambrini Rosé, cranberry juice, topped with ginger ale – poured over frozen lemon juice cubes, mixed with a few chopped fresh strawberries.


Lambrini Lambada – 100ml of Lambrini Rosé, Lambrini Peach and orange juice, mixed with one teaspoon of cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon juice, a chopped strawberry and handful of orange zest.