When we decided to have a cocktail bar at the Clothes Show this year, we wanted some super-stylish hands to shake the drinks… enter mixologist

Cocktail Queen Susie mixed up a storm at our bar, holding masterclasses that showed visitors how to make her exclusive – and delicious – Lambrini cocktails, the Cherry Oh Baby and the Brini Grande.

The crowds loved sampling the cocktails and had a special celebrity surprise when Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby dropped by to join in the fun! We spoke to Susie just after the event to find out whether she’d had fun and to get some top tips about Christmas cocktails…

Hi Susie! We loved having you on our Lambrini cocktail bar at The Clothes Show — you were the centre of attention! Did you have fun – and what was the best thing about your time there?

I had an amazing time at the Lambrini bar at The Clothes Show… it was so fun. The best thing about it was meeting a lot of lovely people there and we’re keeping in touch via Instagram!

You were doing masterclasses for lucky attendees and demonstrating how to mix up the fab cocktails that you created especially for Lambrini — What was your inspiration for the recipes? What did everyone think about them?

I created the cocktails with perfect flavour pairings and ingredients that were going to be easy for everyone to get hold of.  The response was very positive – everyone loved them and people even said that they’d like to make a whole punch bowl of them to share with friends at parties.

There were some famous faces there too — including Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby, who dropped by to shake up something special with you! Was it fun having some celebs drop by — and does she have a future as a mixologist?

It was so much fun to make Lambrini cocktails side by side with Charlotte… she’s too funny! She told me that she used to work at a bar, and I believed her because she knew exactly how to shake and pour. She did very well – it was such a pleasure to meet her!

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We’re all looking forward to mixing up a few cocktails over Christmas (including our own Cherry Christmas cocktail!) — do you have any simple and affordable top tips that will make our Christmas cocktails look extra impressive? 

To make your Christmas cocktails look impressive is try using patterned straws and edible glitter in your drinks. Redcurrants are great too – they look amazing in the glass. Also, for a cute wintery look, if you have any edible red berries in the garden and dust them with icing sugar, they look like holly leaves covered in snow!

You’re at the cutting edge of cocktails – what’s the next big trend for mixology?

Over the last 5 years it’s all been about the presentation. The flavour pairing is important of course, but we all taste with our eyes first so I would say amazing presentation is key right now. But new ideas are always appearing – it could be an interesting flavour or a brand new product that makes a big change.

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And finally — what’s your all-time favourite winter-time cocktail?

My all-time favourite winter cocktail would be something with egg nog – and of course who doesn’t love a classic mulled wine!?

Thanks Susie – we loved watching you wow the crowds! Check out all of our delicious Lambrini cocktails – every Lambrini flavour has its own special recipes!