With Valentine’s Day almost here, why not add a little romance to your weekend with a lovely Lambrini cocktail? We’ve got some quirky creations from top mixologist Susie Wong, alongside some classic Lambrini favourites. Why not give them a try this weekend?

Lambrini Love – It’s one of our old faves and it’s so easy to make. Get ready to love!

●  Begin with a shot of White Rum and add a dash of Grenadine
●  Top up with equal parts of Lambrini Strawberry and Lambrini Cherry
●  Serve in a Champagne Flute and garnish with hearts on cocktail sticks – Yum!

Lambrini Cocktails with Susie Wong

Cherry Kiss – Sweet and fruity, there’s no excuse not to share a kiss this Valentines!

●  Combine two parts of Lambrini with one part of Cola
●  Add a dash of Grenadine and squeeze in one lime
●  Serve in a wine glass and garnish with cherries

Lambrini Cocktails with Susie Wong

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, have a go at one of these bespoke Susie Wong cocktails…

Susie Wong Hibiscus & Rose – Roses are red… and so is this delicious cocktail. It’s perfect for sharing with that special someone.

●  Measure 20ml Monin Hibiscus syrup into a champagne flute
●  Then add in 10ml of Rose Water
●  Top with Strawberry Lambrini and enjoy!

Lambrini Cocktails with Susie Wong

Susie Wong Blueberry and Lavender – Quirky flavours and a light fizz make this the perfect cocktail for sharing with the girls.

●  Measure 20ml Myrtille syrup (Blueberry) into a champagne glass
●  Then add in three drops of Lavender Bitters
●  And top with Lambrini Original for the perfect finish

Lambrini Cocktails with Susie Wong

Susie Wong Apricot and Mandarin – Apparently orange is the new black, and we love this tangy take on Luci by Lambrini.

●  Measure out 20ml Apricot Liqueur into the glass
●  Follow with three drops of Mandarin and Orange Bitters to give it that unique flavour
●  And finally, top with Luci by Lambrini and serve!

Lambrini Cocktails with Susie Wong


Fair Lady

●  Combine equal parts of Lambrini Original and Lambrini Cherry
●  Add a shot of Gin
●  And finish with a dash of sugar

Lambrini Cocktails with Susie Wong