It’s a well-known fact that every girl loves a summer holiday. Especially if you’re a Lambrini girl! But no sunny getaway is complete without the perfect man.

Here at Lambrini HQ, we’ve chosen three hunky gentleman that we think would be lovely company on your sunny break.

Now if you’re ideal man is brawny, muscular and wears a red cape, who better to choose than number one beefcake of the year Henry Cavill. The clue to his desirability is in his most recent film: “Super-man”. We’d love to meet the girl who says no to Henry whisking her off her feet to an exotic location! And the best thing is ladies, he’s currently single…

Numero two on our list is international heartthrob Ryan Gosling. The handsome Hollywood hunk offers the strong silent type of bloke. But we’re fairly sure you’d be speechless if you shared a chilled glass of Lambrini with Ryan Gosling on a beach in Hawaii!

Last on the list is the forever gorgeous David Beckham. David upholds that classic all-round gentleman persona. After being one of the most famed footballers of all time, we’re sure he’d have no problem picking up the cheque!

We hope you agree with our three chosen celebs you’d love to holiday with; but here at Lambrini HQ we’d love to hear your perfect man to holiday with, so why not get on our Facebook page and tell us?

Who knows, your perfect man could read your Facebook post! – maybe?