As the most recent celeb trend and one of the latest additions to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘selfie’s’ are a hot topic this month.

The photo trend has got the ladies at Lambrini HQ thinking, how do you create the ideal selfie? Taking inspiration from supermodels, singers, and actresses the following tips and tricks should help you master the art of the perfect self photo..

Firstly, a smart phone with a front and back camera is essential. Not only is this the core kit for the sultry selfie, it’s also great as an emergency mirror!

Secondly, you’ll need a photo app that will let you tweak contrast and add an array of filters. The ladies at Lambrini HQ are in agreement that Instagram is definitely the desired selfie app of choice.

Now that you have the two essential selfie items in your toolkit, the tips can commence…

1. Find your light – good lighting is your best selfie friend. Soft lighting will compliment your face (they say sunset is best) and we advise to stay away from taking selfie’s in strong sunlight .

2. Keep it natural – try to keep it cool, with a natural smile, and also try to work your best angle (we’ve all got one). Try tilting your head at a ¾ angle, also known as the ‘sidey-selfie’ and don’t forget to smile!

3. Take from above – An interesting angle, try snapping a selfie from above. Another Lambrini tip is to take one with sunglasses on outdoors when sunbathing!

Now you’re armed with the basics of styling a selfie. We’d love to see your snaps over at @LambriniUK and over on the Facebook page.

Happy selfie’ing!