Have you seen our fab TV ads on TLC yet? We love watching our four fun Brini girls popping up in between our fave shows!

The ads have really brought #BringtheBrini to life, and whether our girls are causing mayhem in the kitchen, chilling out by the pool, or having fun at a festival, they’re always there, ready to Bring the Brini!

So far, you’ll just have seen our short adverts — but keep an eye out for the full-length ad appearing on lots of different channels soon, introducing our fun ads to even more viewers!

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a series of TV ads? It’s a lot of hard work — but also a lot of fun too!

We recorded everything that happened behind the scenes at our video shoot and it’s great fun to see how we brought Lambrini to life with five locations, four Brini girls and a cast of thousands. (Well, lots of people, anyway.)

We loved working with our Brini girls — the whole shoot was filled with fun, laughter and good gossip! But which one are you most like? Are you a party-lover, a homely girl, an adventurer, or just chilled out? Take the Brini girl quiz over at TLC to find out, and to see which Lambrini flavour is just right for you!

If you’ve not seen all of the other #BringtheBrini ads yet, you can watch them all here, on our Youtube channel.