Lambrini Halloween Bottles

We love everything about Halloween: carving the pumpkin, getting dressed up and getting the girls round for a party. Of course, a spooky get-together is as good a reason as any to enjoy a glass of Lambrini!

We’ve got a couple of great additions to your Halloween party — these two spooky bottle decorations! They’re easy to make — and will make your bottles of Lambrini part of the party – just don’t get them wet or feed them after midnight!


Its Alive! How to make the Spooky Mummy

Mummifying your Lambrini bottle is simple, and just needs:

  • White crepe or tissue paper, torn into strips
  • Sticky tape
  • Two pipe cleaners or strips of card to make the arms
  • A couple of fun googly eyes!


First tear or cut your white paper into long strips, and then begin to wrap them around your bottle, like bandages. When you reach the end of a strip, stick it in place and repeat. Don’t worry about making it too neat — in fact a slightly ragged look is great for making your mummified bottle look more realistic!

Remember to leave a few gaps to let the bottle and its contents show through, too.

Next, bend your pipe cleaners or cut some strips of card into arm shapes, and wrap those in paper too, then secure them to the side of the bottle with tape. Pop a couple of googly eyes on the neck of the bottle — and you’ve got a yummy mummy your guests will love!



Creating the Vampire Bottle (remember to keep it away from garlic!)

The vampire bottle is just as easy to make as the mummy – and they look great together!

All you’ll need is:

  • Black crepe or craft paper
  • Black card
  • White stickers
  • Pritt-Stick or any paper glue
  • More googly eyes!


Take a rectangle of the black crepe paper and wrap it around the “shoulders” of the bottle to create the vampire’s cape, and glue it in place so it doesn’t slip off.

Then cut a rectangle of black card and wrap it around the neck of the bottle, and bend the tips of the card downward to form the collar of the cape.

Cut a white sticker into two long vampire teeth, stick them onto the top of the bottle, and pop a couple of spooky eyes above them. Finally, colour in a small square of the sticker into a “buckle” and use it to hold the front of the cape together — and you’ll have a Lambrini vampire for your party!

Don’t forget to try our “Silence Of The Lambrini” cocktail too. It’s tangy, sweet and delicious — perfect whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, or if you prefer a night in with a scary movie on the sofa. Try mixing one up — it’s terrifyingly tasty!