This year, like usual, with the start of the European Football Championship girls across the nation are preparing to be replaced by Football, beer and banter as their beloved other halves become transfixed with Euro 2012.

Here at Lambrini we are urging girlfriends and wives to call half time on this behaviour, asking them to turn the tables and use their spare time to get together with the girls.

This summer create your own fabulous favourite five aside team with Lambrini and together raise a glass to female solidarity and friendship, kicking the hassle of Euro 2012 into touch.

This summer, provide your team with a fruity and refreshing tipple, Lambrini’s flavours range is perfectly refreshing and tasty. Ice cold Peach, delicious Cherry or even juicy Apple and Blackcurrant make for an ideal drink. Perfect for those outdoor picnics and BBQs, or even for a girly night in.

However, if you feel your team is slightly at more of a premiership level – don’t fret – Lambrini has a drink for every type of occasion. For more sophisticated events, Lambrini Pink Bubbly can add a touch of elegance to any celebration.

Light and fruity in flavour, Lambrini Pink Bubbly is guaranteed to brighten up any summer gathering. Pretty, feminine and fun and retailing at just £2.99! It’s surely a back of the net deal.