We’ve had a glam makeover! As you can see, our website looks better than ever, and we have a brand new hashtag, too: get ready, ‘cos it’s time to #BringtheBrini.

You’ll be seeing our new hashtag all over social media in the next few months as we celebrate the moments that are the perfect opportunity to get the girls together and #BringtheBrini.




On our social media, we’ll show you fun, cool and girly ways to #BringtheBrini, with new delicious cocktail recipes, exciting competitions, great pictures and inspiring messages — all with a fresh new look!

Talking of a fresh new look, check out our gorge new bottles with fun embossed hearts and a hot new label — now your favourite drink looks just as good as it tastes!

So, what do you think of our glam new look? We love hearing from our fans, so please get in touch via Twitter and Facebook using the #BringtheBrini hashtag – and tell us what you love about Lambrini!