Summer has come to an end, and it has left the single ladies in Lambrini HQ thinking, if we could go anywhere on a dream date, where would it be?

We hear Paris is the city of romance, however can’t help thinking we would like to be swept away for a Lambrini date in LA!

But who would the dream date be? Marvin Humes from JLS is a popular choice at HQ, but then you’d have to try and whisk him away from Saturday babe Rochelle. Or are you more of a George Clooney kind of lady?

There is always the king of sexiest men alive… David Beckham. Would being swept away by Mr Beckham to a romantic hotspot with a glass of chilled Lambrini be on the top of your dream date list?

We’d love to know which handsome hunk you would like to share a glass of Lambrini with on a dream date. Head over to the Facebook page to let us know who your ideal dream date would be with!