January means many of us forfeit some of our nights out and begin watching the calories we consume. Yet it doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on moments with our mates.

Leading wine-style-drink Lambrini has created a fun new way for its consumers to burn up to 350 calories* at home with friends.

Introducing Lambriniates: A five-step exercise routine that mirrors the getting-party-ready-ritual.

The video opens with lead character, Lambo, making his excuses to not having to venture out to a ‘totally awesome party’, choosing to stay in with his Lambrettes instead.

Lambo – wearing a bandana and sweatbands as a node to action hero, John Rambo, is a character not too dissimilar to Hansel in the film Zoolander [played by Owen Wilson]. Dressed in a tight vest and tiny shorts, he invites viewers to burn calories through the medium of dance.

Joined by the Lambrettes – four fluorescent wearing helpers – the characters pout down the lens as they perform camp disco routines in a studio under a mirror ball to a pounding and catching 80’s beat.

The five steps to the routine are easy to master. The moves are best enjoyed with friends and include actions imitating getting ready moments, such as:

  1. ‘Washing Your  Hair’
  2. ‘Curling Your Hair’
  3. ‘Shoes On’
  4. ‘Zipping-up the Dress’
  5. ‘Raising your Glass’

Brand Manager, Lorna Tweed, explains:  “We appreciate that some might be calorie conscious come New Year, so we wanted to create a light-hearted exercise to help keep our consumers motivated as they continue with their new health and fitness regimes. Lambriniates is the perfect way to add some fun to a night in with friends.

“Although for those who aren’t feeling as energetic as Lambo, they could watch their calorie intake and perhaps consider soon-to-be launched Luci by Lambrini.”

Luci by Lambrini is a new low-calorie wine-style drink containing less than 29 calories per glass and with 3.5% ABV. Luci by Lambrini is suitable for those over 18 and watching their calorie intake. Luci by Lambrini will be available on supermarket shelves from end of January.

Get in the groove with Lambo and his Lambrettes on You Tube