If you love a good cocktail but aren’t too keen on the hefty price tag, Lambrini has got the perfect solution – fabulous cocktails, all of which can be made at home and shared with friends.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a cocktail shaker to hand – all of these recipes can simply be made in glass, just remember to stir and not shake!

Whether it’s a fruity treat or a sweet refreshing tipple you’re after, Lambrini is the perfect base to any cocktail.


Lambrini Luci Cosmo

Night in with the girls? Try our take on a classic Cosmo; shaken to perfection and topped with Lambrini Luci for a great low calorie cocktail.

150ml Lambrini Luci
25ml of vodka
25ml of triple sec
Cranberry juice
Squeeze of lime

How to make it: Combine vodka, triple sec and cubed ice in a cocktail mixer, shake well and strain into a Martini glass. Add a squeeze of lime and top up with Lambrini Luci. Finish with a splash of cranberry juice and enjoy!



Strawberry Swizzle

Everybody loves this fruity little number! The perfect choice for any party…

150ml Lambrini Strawberry
Fresh strawberries
1 tsp. of brown sugar
25ml of white rum
Squeeze of lime
Garnish: Half a strawberry

How to make it: Muddle a handful of strawberries with brown sugar in a cocktail shaker, and then pour into a large wine glass half-filled with crushed ice. Add a shot of white rum and squeeze in the fresh lime. Fill to the top with Lambrini Strawberry and finish with a strawberry to garnish.


Peach Melba

Indulge in this simple cocktail that will impress all of your friends!

125ml Lambrini Peach
25ml peach syrup
25ml peach schnapps
Garnish: peach segment

How to make it: Begin with pouring a shot of peach syrup into champagne flute . Add a shot of peach schnapps and finish by topping with Lambrini Peach. Serve with a peach segment on the side of the glass. Peach-fection!





The Lambrini Sparkle Fizz

A cocktail for celebrating – packed with Lambrini and mixed with ginger ale to add sparkle and fizz!

125ml Lambrini Original
25ml dark rum
125ml ginger ale
Splash of cola
Garnish: lime

How to make it: Get your cocktail shaker, half fill with cubed ice and add all ingredients except the cola. Shake and strain into a tall glass, add the cola, garnish with lime and get ready for a sparkling night in!