British women are staying safe with a Christmas Party Code reveals new research released today.

According to a major new survey UK females have developed their own rules to help everyone have fun responsibly including a set of Night Out ‘No Nos’.

So more than a third of us (34 per cent) have a set of guidelines we always follow when we go out.

Topping the list of priorities was sticking together with 60 per cent of all those quizzed saying they never abandon mates and always travel home in a group.

A further 59 per cent will check in with friends to make sure they’ve got home okay too.

During the evening, 40 per cent of all celebrators say they’ll never accept drinks from strangers and a third have an ‘escape code’ – to get away from lecherous or annoying fellas.

More than a third of us (37 per cent) say we’d love a personal bodyguard to fend off leery men and keep us company, with Hollywood heart-throb Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy our top celebrity choices.

The research is from leading wine style drinks brand, Lambrini, having launched its own Bodyguard App designed to help women and their friends stay safe during a night out.

Its free to download service, created for use on android and iPhone devices, pulls in real-time data from public transport so users can plan their journeys ahead, while a  ‘Get Me home’ tool uses the GPS functionality on users’ handsets to locate the nearest form of transport, including a taxi booking service.

The useful app will also keep friends informed of individuals’ whereabouts when they’ve left the party by sending an SMS text or Facebook post to friends’ walls, notifying them when the user has arrived home safely.

Promoted on 2.4 million bottles of Lambrini, it also includes an alcohol unit counter that calculates the amount of alcohol consumed from a drinks list.

In real life, British women say they’re usually supported by a ‘going out crew’ – the people we always rely on to make nights out safe and fun.

While seven out of 10 say having a best mate there is essential, another quarter say they like to party with their gay best friend too.

A tenth of all those quizzed for the Lambrini report said dad’s taxi was another vital service, while 41 per cent relied on their ‘organiser’ pal to make all the arrangements and a ‘livewire’ mate to create some excitement.

Half of the 1,000 people who took part in the Lambrini research said they’d rather go out with their female friends than their partner (only a third put their boyfriend first) and another seven per cent even say their mum is the one person they like socialising with the most.

Speaking about the launch of the App, Lorna Tweed, Brand Manager for Lambrini, comments: “The bodyguard application will be promoted on-pack via a QR code and supported by a Christmas-awareness campaign that reminds consumers to stay safe during the festive season.

The BodyGuard App is available on Android and iPhone handsets and can downloaded via: