This must be the best prize ever – you could win a trip of a lifetime for you and three of your best friends to New York City to celebrate our 21st birthday in September! The winner and their friends will be flown over to New York and chauffeur-driven to a four-star hotel… and that’s only the beginning of this perfect prize.

There’s £500 spending money for you to treat yourself on a VIP shopping trip, as well as an exclusive cake-making class at Buddy’s cake shop.

Enter our amazing competition over on the TLC site for your chance to win! When you’ve entered, why not allow yourself to dream a little bit about what you’d do there if you won? Here’s our top tips of the best places to visit in the Big Apple…

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There are so many iconic things to do and see in New York — what trip could be complete without flagging down a yellow cab and taking a trip to the Empire State Building? The view from the top is breathtaking – and did you know you can go up the top at night, so you can watch the lights of the city twinkling all the way from the Bronx to Downtown Manhattan?

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If heights aren’t your thing, then why not pay a visit to New York’s star attraction, The Statue of Liberty. You can visit Liberty Island and walk around the statue itself (a small number of people per day are even allowed to climb up inside to the crown!). Another great way to take in the world’s most famous statue is to hop on the free Staten Island ferry and see it from the sea — perfect for a photo of you and the girls with the Liberty Lady herself.

New York is a non-stop, 24/7 city, and after a while you might need a break. Central Park is a stunning oasis of beautiful greenery and calm, and the feeling of stepping from the hubbub of the city into the quiet of the park is unforgettable. It’s also enormous – so a great way to take it all in is to hire a bike and ride around its many paths and roads and see where they take you. In winter you can ice skate on two large rinks in the park, too… a perfect activity for you and the girls!

Fancy a break from the postcard stuff? Simply walking around New York is enough to leave you star-struck – the city has been featured in so many movies and TV shows that it’s practically one huge film set. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing a cafe that reminds you of Central Perk in Friends, the neon signs of The Great Gatsby, or even the spot where Alicia Keys played the piano in Times Square from the “Empire State of Mind” video.

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If, like us, you’re a super-fan of Sex and the City, your NYC must do is to perch on the stoop outside Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. But don’t go looking at 245 East 73rd Street – her address in the show – instead, head over to 66 Perry Street, between Bleeker and 4th, and if you’re lucky you can quickly grab a special selfie on the steps where it was actually filmed!

Finally, if you’ve ever seen Cake Boss on TLC, you’ll know that master baker Buddy Valastro makes the most gorgeous cakes imaginable, covered in bright frosting and iced flowers.

Of course, if you win the trip to New York, you’ll have an exclusive class at one of his chain of Carlo’s Bakeshops. Even if you don’t win, the incredible cakes, pastries and biscotti are worth a trip to his bakery on Times Square, simply so that you can sink your teeth into an amazing creation for yourself.

Don’t forget, for a chance to win this fabulous prize, enter our competition over on TLC’s site right now – and maybe you’ll be able to live the New York dream with your besties!