If you’ve got the honour of rustling up a special meal on Valentine’s Day for your better half, or your friends (or the most special person of all – you!) it’s easy to get stuck when deciding what to cook. It needs to be something special and delicious – but you don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen all night!

You might not know what you’re cooking just yet – but at least you know that you’ll be the one in charge and you’ll be eating something you like!

We’re here to help with some scrumptious dishes to delight whoever eats it… so if you want to be the hostess with the mostess, then it’s time to get cooking…

  If you’re looking to stay healthy and serve up a sophisticated meal, one of the most popular home cooked meals is a simple and tasty whip-up of salmon and veggies. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful range of different salmon dishes – our faves are the foiled baked salmon with asparagus, and honey teriyaki salmon and veggies in foil!

Both those beautifully easy meals will go perfectly with Lambrini So Strawberry.

Let’s veer away a little bit from the healthy options – so why not make an exotic Pad Thai? Absolutely delicious and full of flavour, this noodle dish is perfect for anyone who likes a spicy dish full of flavour. It’s super simple to make too – this recipe is for a one pot Pad Thai, which leaves more time for a pre-dinner glass of Lambrini!


If you’re a veggie, just swap the chicken for tofu and add a little extra soy sauce instead of fish sauce. These noodles will get your tastebuds tingling, so a sweet glass of Lambrini Very Cherry will be a perfect partner for your meal.

From healthy, to not-so-healthy – and now we’re moving onto downright naughty! Pasta is always that bit better when there’s a bit more cheese… so why not treat yourself to an incredibly indulgent dish that’s incredibly cheesy. It’s Valentine’s Day after all!

We’ve found a great selection of cheesy pasta recipes you can rustle up in no time. The home-baked macaroni and cheese with cauliflower is the ultimate in comfort food and the creamy ravioli and pesto gratin – OMG! Balance out the creamy indulgence with a glass of the refreshing Lambrini Always Original.

Finally – let’s deal with the elephant in the room – sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook. So if you really want to get out of cooking – why not order a takeaway? We think every day is an excuse to make it Pizza Day, and Valentines Day is no exception. Every slice tastes even better with a glass of Lambrini – and you’ll not need to worry about washing up afterwards, either.

So, let’s get cooking – or ordering your fave takeaway – and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!