Is your New Year’s resolution to see more of the world … to travel more and get wrapped up in the glamour and beauty of exciting foreign cities?

If that’s the case then you’ll want to know where to book tickets for this year. We’ve rounded up the trendiest cities of 2016, with amazing European destinations and some further-flung tropical heat ­– so let’s get our best sunglasses and most stylish hat on and get out there!


Shall we start with somewhere just across the pond – and take a trip to Ireland? Dublin is a fantastic city – SO exciting and full of interesting things to do.

Dublin Castle is such a pretty building and on a tour of it you can learn all about Dublin’s history. However, if you’d rather just take in some beautiful architecture then it’s better to visit the Christ Church Cathedral – which is a stunning building.

A really cool place to visit in Dublin is the Kilmainham Gaol. A bit of a mouthful – but it is an old Irish prison from the 1700’s. Super creepy and a really fun tour to go on while you’re over there!

Dublin is also great for food and drinks (get the Brini ready)! You can go on the Butlers Chocolate Experience – Butlers is a delicious Irish chocolate and doing the tour means seeing how all the handcrafted chocolate, fudge, toffee and even hot chocolate is made. Plus, there are usually tasters – and obviously the shop afterwards. Serious yum!

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Even if you’re not planning on going around St Paddy’s Day time, you can still hit the pubs and bars in Dublin – the nightlife there is, of course, legendary! Dublin Pub Crawls can be booked in advance or you can just show up and do your own thing. Either way, you’ll have a fantastic time… just remember to drink responsibly!


Next stop – Rome! The combination of gorgeous ancient buildings and even more gorgeous ice-cream is a dream come true.

When in Rome you absolutely have to go to the Colosseum – it’s just a must. The crumbling ruin of the once perfect amphitheatre is an awesome sight. Going inside and seeing it all isn’t too expensive either – though you can be queuing for ages depending on the time of year, so be sure to get there early.

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The Pantheon is also a gorgeous building. Absolutely beautiful inside and out – you can even get married there … if you’re OK to be on a waiting list for a million years or so!

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Here’s what you’re probably waiting for though … the sensational Italian cuisine. Trattoria Vecchia Roma is an amazing place to eat at in this insanely exciting city. The pizza and pasta dishes are to die for, so make sure you’re willing to break the diet – but don’t worry, you won’t need to break the bank!

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To be even naughtier, you could pay a visit to Il Gelato which has a reputation for being the best ice-cream parlour – like – EVER! They do more flavours than you could ever imagine, from traditional strawberry to the unusual, like olive – and every single one is delectable. Let’s face it – Italy does better ice-cream than anyone. You wouldn’t want to go there without getting some!

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Ready for a long-haul flight? It’s time to embrace glorious tropical sunshine and incredible night storms (with perfect lightning forks). Welcome to Miami! Miami is a celebrity-studded city with exciting sights and delicious heat.

The place to be in Miami where it’s all happening is South Beach. You can stay further north to save money (hotels are much cheaper outside of the prime location), but you should definitely take the time to head south.

South Beach is the most amazing stretch of beach in Miami. And, come on, every grain of silky white Miami sand is flawless.

The beach itself is fabulous; you can lounge in the heat, go out on a boat, jump on a jet-ski, or even join in one of the many beach volleyball games taking place.

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Also, on South Beach is the most desired shop in the state … the Kardashian’s Dash Shop! A fairly small store, it is sleek and chic nonetheless and full of expensive gear. That said, there are affordable key-rings, make-up bags, socks and other similar trinkets, so you’ll be able to buy your own piece of the Kardashians!

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Miami also has a gorgeous skyline, which can be seen stretching out along South Beach, but for the best view in the entire state of Florida you have to go to the Mandarin Oriental. This stunning hotel has a restaurant you can go to, to eat a wonderful meal while gazing at one of the most incredible views you’ll ever see.


So whether you prefer good food, historic buildings or sun-drenched beaches, there’s a totally on-trend city break waiting for you in 2016. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and get booking!