Valentine’s Day is looming, and if you haven’t had the chance to buy that special person a gift yet – or just are stuck for ideas of what to get, we’ve got a few ideas to help you out.

Valentine’s Day is definitely split between being the most loved day in the world – and the most dreaded too! It needn’t be the latter, whether you want to spend it with your beau or your bestie, you can still exchange some fab pressies.

So, what should you get as a gift? We’ve rounded up a few of the fun, cute and tasty gifts that’ll please whoever you choose to give them to…


For someone who loves sweet treats (and who doesn’t?), a giant heart-shaped cookie is a lovely gift to give… and delicious too. Choosing between the milk, white or double chocolate base is fun, but the best bit is thinking up your own message to be added on top – and in the colour frosting of your choice. If you’re giving the cookie to someone who really thinks you’re someone special, you can even add an edible photograph of the two of you!  



Here’s a gorgeous gift idea – if you’d like to get your special person something a bit more personal, why not buy a hamper of goodies designed to fit in with what they love in life? It doesn’t matter who you’re buying for or what their tastes are – you can find build-your-own pamper hampers and gift sets for tea lovers… all at reasonable prices. 




 Maybe you’re looking to buy a gift for a tech-lover, or someone who loves watching videos –but you don’t want to break the bank? This is an excellent tablet with the latest Android software that will be a great and thoughtful gift , and incredibly is under £30. 

Finally, a classic – and the most reliable gift of all… a box of delicious chocolates! This is a perfect present to buy for your other half or even just as a little indulgence if you’re having a Valentine’s night in with the girls.

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The ‘Everything Selection’ from Hotel Chocolat has something for everyone; each chocolate piece is like a dream come true. There’s a wide variety of classic and unusual fillings including brownie, carrot cake, raspberry smoothie, and fudge sundae. Delicious! All we need is a bottle of Lambrini and the girls to share it with.

Or, for a perfect pairing of Lambrini and chocolate, why not enjoy some Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles – they’ll go so well with our newest fruity flavour, Ooh Passionfruit!

So whether it’s for a special someone or just for you, Valentine’s only comes once a year – so, go on, indulge yourself – and raise a glass of Lambrini to St Valentine!