There’s a long weekend coming! The perfect holiday to relax, head out or go away on a mini-break, Easter is one of our favourite times of the year. But for us, the best part of Easter is still (and always will be)… the chocolate eggs.

We can’t deny it – they’re the best part of every Easter weekend, and a nibble of chocolate goes perfectly with a chilled glass of Lambrini! So, which eggs are the tastiest for 2016’s celebrations?


Hotel Chocolat is a great place to start. Their beautifully sculpted Goose Eggs are amazing. With a thick shell of silky milk chocolate and a selection of little milk chocolate egglets brimming with golden caramel, this sweet treat is well worth the calories. The glorious Goose Egg is also available in caramel with delectable caramel praline egglets to go with it!

While we’re on the subject of Hotel Chocolat – we have to mention their adorable Easter Bunny. This milk chocolate rabbit has its own funky outfit, is made up of a sleek chocolate shell and comes in a gift box – perfect to treat a loved one. Hotel Chocolat bunnies are also available as miniatures, in milk, white, caramel and dark chocolate.


Another scrumptious favourite of ours is the Thorntons special toffee egg. We love Thorntons rich and smooth special toffee, and when chunks of it are wedged into a delicious chocolate egg – it’s even better. YUM! Also, comes with a pack of our fave toffee. What more could you want?

If the toffee isn’t quite to your taste Thorntons do offer Easter Eggs in classic milk, white, dark and fabulous fudge. They even do specialist flavours like Pecan Pie. Dreamy!

Finally – the big reveal – which is our ultimate favourite chocolate egg? It’s a classic that’s filled with childhood memories and dreamy fondant. It’s the Cadbury’s Creme Egg of course!


The Creme Egg deliciousness never gets old, and we love the giant Easter Egg made of smooth Cadbury chocolate and the box of sweet creme eggs that come with it.

So, if you’ve still not decided which Easter Egg you want, we hope you will have by now. After all, there’s nothing but mouth-watering goodness in this list – and maybe it’s given you some gift inspiration too!