Ladies (and Gents), it’s time to don your crown and start celebrating strong women all around the world! In honour of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee we thought we’d share a list of our favourite female icons with you for some serious sister inspiration:

Beyonce: She sang it herself ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ and we can’t help but agree with B. Miss Knowles is a powerhouse of determination, focus, feminism and let’s face it, she’s downright gorgeous too. A mother, a wife and a business woman- is there nothing she can’t do?!

The Queen: it takes a strong lady to rule an entire country and Her Majesty has done just that for many years! She’s seen good old Blighty through the good, the bad and the ugly and can still rock diamonds like no one else!

Michelle Obama: Behind every great man there is a great woman and Michelle O is the living proof! An intelligent, savvy woman in her own right (and not to mention those killer toned arms!)- Michelle Obama is most certainly a strong female icon for thousands!

So embrace your inner diva and pop out to buy some limited edition Jubilee Lambrini!