You’re probably, like us, pondering over what to pack this festival season, Lambrini lovers. Are we right? Well, just for you, we’ve put together a top 10 must have list to help you with this dilemma.


  1. Denim Shorts/Leggings
    Any regular festival goer will tell you that these bad boys are the staple of an outfit over the space of weekend festivals. They go with everything and are easy to put on and take off when in a cramped tent.
  2. Dry Shampoo
    Ladies’ favourite product for volume and you’ll realise just how strong your love affair is with this product when you hit the festivals. Not only does it keep your hair from looking greasy, it stops it from going flat and makes it easier to style throughout the whole weekend – an absolute must have!
  3. Wellies
    Every festival goers needs a pair  –  and if you don’t own a pair of willies then you’re basically breaking an unwritten rule of festival life!
  4. Wet wipes/baby wipes
    We cannot stress enough the importance of this item! Given the lack of facilities to wash/bathe at weekend festivals, wet wipes are the next best to freshen up. Top tip: Pour water onto a wipe as this will produce a soap affect to wash. And then use a clean wet wipe to remove the excess soap.
  5. Rain mac
    You know – in case it rains! Standing around soaking wet isn’t very fun!
  6. Decorations

No festival is complete without a bit of decoration, which could be anything from a floral headband, animal ears or UV paint on the face! Go on – stand out from the crowd, Ladies!

  1. Sunglasses
    The wayfarer style is big this season – take a couple of pairs in different colours for festival flair sake!
  2. Tinted Moisturiser
    There’s nothing worse than applying a full face of make-up using a small compact mirror and in bad lighting. Ditch the make-up for the weekend and invest in some tinted moisturiser – this will give your face an even complexion as well as adding some colour. Easy-peasy!
  3. Bum bag/rucksack
    You can find these anywhere nowadays. Although if you are struggling to find a stylish number then consider customising one with a little bit of bling.
  4. Roll on Deodorant
    We can’t be having you being smelly while at a festival, but make sure it’s a roll on as we don’t want you damaging the environment either!