Hitting 40 doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous, and with 44 year old Friends star Jennifer Aniston gracing the red carpet this week for her new movie, ‘We’re The Millers’, we’re in agreement at Lambrini HQ, that your forties are the new twenties!

Jen picked a fresh look for the premiere, opting for a feminine and flirtatious floral dress; a change to her usual sophisticated style. Glowing and radiant make-up helped finish the look, with Jen appearing fierce for a female in her forties.

A recent study actually showed that style starts at 40, with nearly half of women aged 45 or over saying they’re confident shoppers, who can pick clothes to suit their body shape.

Jeans topped the poll for a wardrobe fail-safe, with 48% of women admitting a pair of well-fitted jeans is underestimated.

This got us thinking, how do our Lambrini Ladies feel about searching out the perfect pair? Head over to our Facebook and to share how you feel when you find the perfect jeans!


PHOTOS BY: REX/Tony Larkin