We’re well on our way to Spring, and a new season means new fashion trends. This season is all about daytime metallics, colour clashes and pastels.

Daytime sparkles can be tricky to pull off without looking like you’ve not quite got home from the night before, but muted metallic skirts and vests are making it a much more accessible look. A t-shirt tucked into a matt metallic skater (flared) skirt with a fitted blazer makes the look polished.

Clashing colours can also be a risky business, but this season allows experimentation. Keep the pieces well-fitted and in block colours to make a statement, instead of looking too fussy. You could always begin by clashing your top with a clutch bag, until you get more adventurous.

Pastels feel a bit safer. Even a wallflower can achieve a fashion-forward look without pushing their boundaries too far. Pastel pinks, purples and greens were particularly popular on the runway, and work well either subtly clash colours or as single pieces as part of a less complicated outfit.

So that’s three wearable trends there’s no excuse not to try. This is the season of looking classy and elegant, whilst never neglecting the edginess of British fashion.  Try introducing little elements, or go mad and wear them all at once. After all, in fashion there are trends, but there are no rules…