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So what’s your style? Sweet or fruity? Lively or smooth? Or are you a true Original? There’s a fun Lambrini for you, whatever your taste – and check out our exclusive Lambrini cocktails too!

Hey Blueberry cocktails

Blueberry Fizz


60ml (240ml for a sharer) Lambrini Hey Blueberry 

20ml (80ml sharer) Vodka

15ml (60ml sharer) Blueberry Juice

10ml (40ml sharer) Fresh Lime Juice

Lavender Sprig (to garnish)



Pour the Lambrini Hey Blueberry, vodka, blueberry juice, and lime juice in jug. Stir gently with spoon to combine. Add ice cubes. Pour into a highball glass with the ice cubes to serve and garnish with a large sprig of fresh lavender.


In jug with club style rocks or Highball

Blueberry Mojito


75ml Lambrini Hey Blueberry 

Fresh Mint Leaves

20ml Lime Juice

25ml White Rum

20ml Sugar



Rub mint leaves in your hand to release oils, and add to glass. Pour all ingredients in glass except Lambrini Hey Blueberry and add ice. Stir briefly with spoon and top with Lambrini Hey Blueberry. Garnish with fresh mint sprig and blueberries.


On the rocks

Very Berry Brini Slush


75cl Lambrini Hey Blueberry 

100ml Blueberry Juice

25ml Gin

Blueberry, Blackberry and Strawberry fruits to blend (75-100g single serve, 250g of each fruit for a sharer)

10ml Chambord


Freeze half a bottle of Hey Blueberry Lambrini in a tupperware container over night. Separately blend fresh berries until smooth. Add 10ml of Chambord and 25ml of gin to the blended fruits. Pour into a jam jar. Top with the remaining Lambrini Blueberry to serve. Stir/ mix. Garnish with berries and add a straw.


Jam jar

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